New Site Layout!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Loren Avedon Online page!

I know a lot of you out there have been wondering what I`ve been up to lately but I`ve just been too busy to make updates to my site as required. That being the case, I`ve tasked a good writer friend of mine in Japan who also happens to be a graphics designer (visit his webpage) with the job of giving this old site a much needed make-over in order to keep you guys up-to-date on what`s going on with me both personally and professionally!

We`ll periodically be adding a lot of new content to this site so feel free to stop by anytime!

I`ve noticed that many of you in the past have had questions about my personal interests and what I like to do in my free time when I`m not acting, training, teaching or out romping the streets with my daughter so I`ve added some new Forums and Blog sections to the page as well!

That should answer a lot of questions for those of you who wond what dark and dorky things I like to get myself into when people aren`t looking! So stop by and we`ll discuss anything you like (well, almost anything)!

Don`t forget to stop by and sign my guestbook to let me know you were here!??

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to seeing you around a lot more often!

                       Take Care and God Bless! [John "3:16"]

Loren Avedon

5th dan Tae Kwon Do W.T.F.

8th dan Hap Ki Do I.H.A.




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